Application Hosting

We provide one of the most comprehensive application hosting capabilities in the industry that spans from basic to global markets. With GateserverΓÇÖs unique application hosting technologies, you can leverage cost and reduce time to market and generally boost your overall customer satisfaction with low maintenance overhead.

  • Increase speed to your desired marketplace by allowing our expert team to create your scalable IT solutions
  • Reduce cost of buying hardware and additional software to manage your applications
  • Alleviate risk within your business process
  • Provide increase elasticity within your overall organizationΓÇÖs process
  • Growth with expansive tools and capabilities that allows you to stay in step with trends within your industry

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is hosting where one server is used solely for your business only. With this option it allows you to take full advantage of our network and server to facilitate your business needs. You can install virtually any software on your server and use the full storage space available for the server. With this option you are also able to run your own shared hosting service to other businesses that you may with to share the cost of hosting.

  • Own server for sole use of your business (except for shared dedicated)
  • Install your custom applications
  • Reduced costs with optional (shared dedicated)
  • Remote Access to the server (box)
  • Multiple dedicated IP Addresses
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Shared & Virtual Hosting

Shared hosting is hosting where one server is shared among a number of businesses with similar needs. With Gateserver we have a cap of the number of business and websites we will put on a shared server environment. This option is ideal for starter websites with very little data or very low traffic.

  • Share applications across the web server
  • Lower cost of hosting
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Partnership Hosting

Partnership hosting is where your business is partnering with Gateserver to provide hosting for your website and in return Gateserver utilizes your content for redistribution on itΓÇÖs network. This option is ideal for businesses that have large volumes of content and wish to share their data without the impact of distribution costs.

  • Reduction or elimination of hosting fees
  • Automatic maintenance of data
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Managed Hosting

With Managed Hosting solutions from Gatesever and our partners we will become an extension of your team. Our solutions will be particularly customized to help you maintain your servers. You will be able to offload routine, time-consuming administrative tasks and allow our team to maintain your servers and website for you and your business.

  • More time focused on your business and not maintaining your website or servers
  • Server monitoring and backups
  • Application and Software implementation to reduce cost
  • Data and Application load balancing
  • Access to live individual that is knowledgeable about your business, server and software applications
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Managed Cloud Hosting

Our Managed hosting cloud provides a dynamic and elastic hosting solution for your business and data needs. With this option it allows you to take full advantage of our network and data center partners to facilitate your business needs and scales as your needs change. You can install virtually any software, app, service (SaaS, PaaS) and utilize all the available inclusive products and services..

  • Create your own multi-tenant Software as a service (SaaS) or Platform as a service (PaaS) Solutions
  • Install your custom applications, products and services
  • Reduced costs with dynamic and scalable bandwidth, storage, cpu, memory, servers and more
  • Integration with either public, private clouds, or on premises solutions
  • Utilize our team, knowledge and resources to minimize your risk and resources
  • Support for multiple platforms and devices (Linux, windows) (mobile, tablet, and desktop)
  • Support for creating, upgrading or integrating your existing websites, applications or ideas
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