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Our scalable and expandable Content Manager Application (CMA) is a customizable user interface that allows you to maintain, monitor, and interact with the content, server, APIs, users, and assets of your website using a browser, without the need of installing any additional software or making changes to your existing website pages.

The CMA does not require any technical knowledge and is specifically created for users who are beginners to the internet and the area of content management.

  • Scalable, expandable and customizable
  • Easy content management and maintenance
  • Easier upgrade path and increased capabilities for your website
  • User-friendly interface and multiple design/function options

Key Features & Benefits of a Content Management System (CMA)

  • All content sections will be dynamic and managed by your staff through your Content Manager easily via password secured web browser
  • WYSIWYG Editor (HTML Editing Tool)
  • You will be able to add images, titles, descriptions, links, PDF, audio & video files to the items.
  • Supports adding new sections, web pages and features easily, built to be upgraded easily
  • Increased Search Engine Ranking, due to conversion of some pdf documents to HTML content
  • Enhanced visual perception of┬á your company/organization/brand
  • Increased community consciousness, awareness and interest
  • Data Forms will be stored in the data-base and emailed to multiple recipients (based on user selection)
  • Quick Search of information and easy navigation through the sections
  • Easy submission & assignment of images, links, PDF, audio & video files to various sections & pages
  • Easy and instant way for the users to automatically make payments online
  • Presentation of all information in full and complete format
  • Ability for the users to create a dialog with your company/organization/brand

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