Project Description

City Drugs is a local Specialty Pharmacy designed to help physicians manage their patientsΓÇÖ bill of health, from basic needs to complex chronic conditions.

City Drugs Specialty Pharmacy strives to make the physicianΓÇÖs experience as straightforward as possible: providing a centralized intake point, serving as a one-stop shop with competitive pricing, and offering streamlined claims processing through both the pharmacy and medical benefit.

City Drugs Specialty Pharmacy stock a full range of oral and injectable specialized medications, and our refill services are custom-tailored and worry-free, with free shipping when needed. Just as your professionalism is paramount your practice, so it is for ours: City Drugs Specialty Pharmacy offers compliance monitoring and interventions strategies as needed, with HIPPA confidentiality.

The ultimate goal is to to make your prescribing process “hassle free”; for your convenience, City Drugs Specialty Pharmacy accepts prescriptions and demographics by fax, phone, or e-prescribing.